Endowment Scholarship

Our Club has partnered with the Texas A&M Foundation to start the “Sacramento Area Texas A&M Club Endowed Scholarship”, in April of 2016.  This was announced at the SAMC Muster ceremony.

The goal is to reach the minimum $25,000 base value to fund one $1000 scholarship per year, forever!

We have set a goal to complete this collection within 5 years, by Muster of 2021. However, the earlier we complete this, the sooner we can begin helping students.
There is a 1 year waiting period from achieving the balance to giving our first scholarship for the endowment to gain value.

The club will start the donations with a $1100 contribution from the scholarship donations you have made this year and in the past couple years (including some dues as well).  Thank you for the generous contributions at Muster, including pledges to contribute once the account is fully set up.

the club completed research on endowment options, and the Texas A&M Foundation gives us exactly what we need. The Association of Former Students also has an endowment program, but they do not facilitate the account short of the full amount.

We will provide here the account information and instructions on how to donate so that your donation properly gets credited to our account.  I currently do not have this information because the account is being set up now. All donations will be tax deductible and eligible for company matching.

When the time comes, the Foundation gives our club options on the scholarship distribution. We can allow the Foundation to give the scholarship to any deserving student, or we can place restrictions.  Ex) We can request the scholarship is given to a student from from CA, or from the Sacramento Area. We can also take applications and make the selection ourselves and directly tell the Foundation who to give the scholarship to. We will discuss this as a club once we achieve our goal to decide which direction is best at the time.

I am confident we can achieve this goal in the next 5 years. I will give regular progress reports on our club web site, Facebook and yearly updates at Muster. Thank you for your generosity and your support of this focused effort to create this lasting legacy for our club.

In addition, Texas A&M University offers several options for financial aid for both incoming freshman and continuing students. The following links will provide information for prospective students on scholarships and the cost of attending Texas A&M University.

Thank you for all your support!


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