Petition to Name the Intramural Pool at West Point to “Hallett Pool”

Our club was contacted to help out with a cause that means a lot to this person.  The fact that this person reached out the the Sacramento Area Texas A&M club shows how strong we are and how influential we can be.  Please read his not and consider helping out:

Dear Aggie Friends,

I am writing you because I know you all have a corps of cadets and I believe you all are tremendous supporters of our Armed Services.

My name is Matt Price, West Point 2003, and I am leading the charge to have the name of the “un-named” Intramural Pool at West Point changed to “Hallett Pool” in Honor of Captain John Hallett USMA 2001 KIA 25 AUG 2009.

I would like to ask you to consider sharing our petition with your Texas A&M Alumni Society.

Captain John Hallett was a four year starter on water polo. John was the team captain, he was the leader that all of us, his teammates, strive to be both when we were at the Academy and every day of our life since.  Naming the pool-which is primarily used for water polo after Johnny would be the perfect tribute to his leadership, service, and sacrifice.

More details about his service, life and legacy are outlined in our petition.

Please join this campaign: Online Petition

Thank you for your time and consideration.  This has been shared with the many of the West Point Alumni Associations and Class Leaders.  I really appreciate you considering sharing it with your Texas A&M Alumni Society and others.

Thank you!
-Matt Price
United States Military Academy Class of 2003
West Point Water Polo Coach 2005 – 2011
(201) 401 3018


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