Help Needed for Aggie Muster 2011


Howdy Aggies!  The Sacramento A&M Club needs your help with Muster this year.  Please let us know if you can help with one of the following items:
  • Muster Chair – We need someone to help coordinate Muster.  Responsibilities include: communicating with The Association of Former Students via their website to send out invitations, planning the Muster program (all materials and examples are available online), coordinating food and drinks and collecting RSVPs and payment information.  Since we have been planning Muster for several years we have accumilated all the materials needed.  You’ll have a wealth of knowlege to help you and a group of Aggies to delgate to.
  • Muster committee – If you aren’t interested in being Muster chair please consider being on the Muster committee to help plan and execute Muster.  This will include 1-2 planning meetings before Muster (April 21st) and then helping at the Muster ceremony in one of the following areas: decorations, food, and/or ceremony.
  • Muster Location – Lastly, but most importantly, we need a venue for Muster this year.  We’d like to find a place that can accommodate about 50 people and is located in the Sacramento area.  The cost of the location affects the price we have to charge at Muster, so ideally we would like to keep the costs down.  Anyone willing to open up their home to a group of Aggies?  🙂
Please contact Krista Fisher if you are willing to help out with Muster this year or have an idea for a venue.  We need to get things lined up soon so The Association can send out invitations.




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